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As an Exotic Wine Club member, you'll receive our monthly subscription box with wines from around the world - directly to your doorstep. Each month you will be tasting wines from a new country.

To make your pleasure complete, we'll also send you tasting notes and pairing suggestions, along with descriptions of the country and the vineyard.

All our members will also have the opportunity to dive into the wine world and become genuine connoisseurs. You'll have direct access to exciting wine education materials, including masterclass, quizzes, and many more. We'll take you on a virtual tour of wine regions across the globe, while making sure you enjoy every single part of the journey.

Each of our monthly packages will contain a careful wine selection of that month's featured country. Our sommeliers will only choose the best from the best to be delivered to your doorstep. You'll get five bottles of exotic wines, tasting notes, pairing suggestions, wine masterclass along with descriptions of the country and the vineyard.

Becoming our member is as easy as hitting the "Join our Club" button. You will see the purchase confirmation once the subscription is successful. From then on, your account will be automatically renewed each month unless you decide to unsubscribe (which you can at any given moment).

You will be billed monthly using the card you used at checkout.

For as long as you are happy with your subscription, we'll keep sending you exciting wines.

The monthly membership will last for 30 days after purchase and is set to renew by default automatically.

It is highly unlikely that your shipment will arrive damaged. However, in case this happens, contact our customer service, and we’ll solve the problem.


We're always here for you. Use our support articles 24/7 to find detailed answers to FAQs. If you need further assistance, use the contact form to reach out to us or send an email directly to the email address.


Your wine shipment will be delivered within 2-5 business days. When your wine box is shipped, you'll receive an email with tracking information.


Our selection of exotic wines is almost entirely exclusive. As an EWC member, you'll enjoy wines of reserved quality that weren't made for wide consumption. Instead, we partner with the best winemakers across the globe to provide our members with sips of rare excellency.


We are always excited to take new members on our wine tasting journey. If you know someone who might enjoy the Wine of the Month Club membership, click here to refer your friend.


Aside from being a great gifting idea, getting a wine box for a loved one is fairly simple. Just visit our gift page to find out how you can give the EWC membership as a present.


Hurray for your enthusiasm! Yes, we have an option to catch up with our previous collections.


If there's a bottle we've sent you that was especially pleasant to your palate, contact us to check whether the wine is available for reordering.


Exciting, ever new, and of the highest quality. We don't just pick wines but scour the planet to find rare bottles with character, heritage, and history. Whether red, white, sparkling, frizzante, dessert, or fortified - our wines are produced with exceptional craftsmanship that will uplift your tasting experience to a whole new level.


Because we strive to build EWC into a community of wine lovers, it hurts to see our members leave. If you wish to cancel your membership, log into your account and choose the option "Manage subscription."


Each subscription box includes a booklet with a description of the wines and tasting notes. Of course, all the information about your wines is available on the website as well.


Absolutely. The EWC website is backed up by the latest encryption technology to ensure our member's privacy is safeguarded. All your personal information is safe with us, including credit card number, name and address, and any other sensitive data.

The EWC will only use the information you share to service your membership. We will never collect information that you do not choose to provide. Nor will we make that information available to any third parties interested in contacting you without your consent.

This is hard to answer in a few words.

First and foremost, note that cellaring wine is not an exact science but a practice that demands research, patience, and a few tricks from the hat. Second, know that not every wine is suitable for aging. As a general rule of thumb, high-quality red wines rich in tannins will mature best, developing complex bouquets over time, while young and fruity whites taste best when consumed 1-3 years upon production.

The best advice is to always check the wine's specific aging potential with its producer.

When you do find your perfect bottle for the cellar, be especially mindful of the storage environment. Whatever you do, make sure that:

-Your bottle is sealed with a cork

-You place the bottle horizontally (so that the cork doesn't lose moisture)

-The environment is not susceptible to temperature fluctuations

-The cellaring conditions are free from light, vibrations, and odors

-If you're not sure whether your cellar is suitable for aging wine, it might be a good idea to invest in a wine storage cabinet (wine fridge).

At this particular moment, our members are delighted with being left to the mercy of our experienced sommeliers. So choosing the types of wine is not an option at EWC. However, we tend to diversify our wine boxes and include bottles for every occasion - from everyday dinners and enjoying spicy takeout, all the way to festive celebration gatherings.

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