A World of Wine Exploration Awaits

Picture this: you’re sitting at your kitchen table, ready to pour yourself a glass of wine. However, this is not just any glass of wine. It’s a story.

With every bottle of wine delivered to your door by Exotic Wine Club, you’re invited to discover a whole new world, a whole new culture, and a whole new place.

Redefining the Wine Experience

At Exotic Wine Club, we aim to transcend the usual. We invite you on a journey through hidden vineyards scattered across the globe.

Just imagine the thrill of tasting unique, carefully selected wines from regions yet unexplored by your palate.

Woman enjoying a glass of wine at a scenic vineyard.

A Symphony Of Flavors

Each sip introduces a new flavor – the cultured elegance of a Georgian Saperavi, and the bold intensity of a South African Pinotage.

Not only does each bottle we deliver serve as a premium drink, but it’s also a passport to a new world of exploration.

More Than Just Wine

Traveling the globe, world-class sommeliers carefully hand-select wines that thrill your senses and expand your worldview.

Immerse yourself in diverse cultures and embark on a journey of discovery from the comfort of your own home.

We bring you the stories, traditions, and tastes of global vineyards, one remarkable bottle at a time.

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Discover Wine Joy!

Portuguese sommelier Teresa Gomes smiling and holding a glass of wine, against a backdrop of traditional blue Portuguese tiles.

Teresa Gomez

“The conniseur does not drink wine but tastes it’s secrets.” Salvador Dali

Teresa Gomes is a seasoned sommelier and wine educator based in Portugal. With over two decades in the wine industry, Teresa has an impressive background, including fine restaurant work, wine education, and extensive wine class hosting. She’s devoted to inspiring a love for Portuguese wine and believes in enhancing wine enjoyment through education.


  • Expert in Portuguese wine.
  • Accomplished wine educator.
  • Creator of the unique “4-P’s Method” for learning about wines.
  • Proven track record in restaurant wine stewardship.

Experience & Achievements:

  • More than 20 years of experience in various wine services.
  • Worked in fine restaurants since 2001.
  • 15 years in wine education.
  • Hosted over 900 wine classes.
  • Inspired nearly 17,000 people to appreciate Portuguese wine.

With Teresa’s expertise and passion for Portuguese wine, you’re in capable hands as you explore the world of wine with the Exotic Wine Club. Get ready to taste wine’s secrets with Teresa’s guidance!

Georgian sommelier Tazo Tamazashvili sitting on stairs, smiling and holding a glass of wine next to a box from Exotic Wine Club.

Tazo Tamazashvili

“Being a sommelier is a very responsible position. You don’t just taste wines, but act as the country’s ambassador.”

Tazo Tamazashvili is a dedicated sommelier with a profound understanding of the responsibilities that come with the role. He believes that being a sommelier is not just about tasting wines but also about representing and promoting the wines of a country. Tazo specializes in all aspects of wine service, wine consulting, and wine branding. With his extensive knowledge and expertise, he is well-equipped to provide exceptional wine experiences.


  • Georgian wine
  • Wine consultant
  • Wine branding

Experience & Achievements:

  • Years of experience in various wine services.
  • Extensive knowledge of Georgian wine.
  • Expertise in wine consulting and wine branding.

Tazo Tamazashvili’s passion for Georgian wine, combined with his expertise in wine consulting and branding, makes him an invaluable asset to the Exotic Wine Club. With Tazo’s guidance, get ready to explore the world of Georgian wine and discover its unique flavors and cultural heritage. Trust in Tazo’s expertise and embark on a wine journey like no other!

Uruguayan sommelier Frederico Moura smiling while holding a glass of wine.

Federico de Moura

“The conniseur does not drink wine but tastes it’s secrets.” Salvador Dali

Federico de Moura, the distinguished head Sommelier of Marques de Murrieta winery in La Rioja, Spain, holds the unique distinction of being Uruguay’s only international Sommelier, a title approved by the ASI (International Sommelier Association). With over 22 years of experience in gastronomy, Federico brings his deep expertise and passion for Uruguayan wine to the Exotic Wine Club.


  • Expert in Uruguayan wine
  • Extensive experience in wine consulting
  • Proven record as the “Best Sommelier of Uruguay”

Experience & Achievements:

  • Head Sommelier of Marques de Murrieta winery, La Rioja, Spain.
  • 22 years of rich experience in gastronomy.
  • The only international Sommelier of Uruguay, title approved by ASI.
  • Consistent winner of the “Best Sommelier of Uruguay” contest across all seasons.

With Federico’s extensive experience and recognized expertise, members of the Exotic Wine Club can look forward to learning from one of the best as they deepen their appreciation of wine. Get ready to explore the world of wine with Federico de Moura!